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UK 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
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SPAGNA 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44
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BRASILE 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48
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Bolbataev Fahrruh Mamadjanovich

The brend "FARRDI" is a combination of refined silhouettes, unique design and innovative decisions in the fashion industry. By the present moment I have already created striking modern hand-woven looks of unique beauty. My worldview is defined by music, space, nature and, of course, by the latest modern technologies. My looks created in cooperation with the brend "VOLKY" were presented at Fashion Week Russia in 2018 at "Gostiny Dvor".The brend "FARRDI" was also presented at the Russian song contest "The Voice" where the majority of the participants wore the dresses from its collection.  The brend also created the look for the famous Russian singer Dima Bilan during this contest and many other looks for his music videos.

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Donenko Kseniia

Donenko Kseniia-designer from St. Petersburg, which is developing its own The idea to create a brand came in January 2018. Kseniia creates boudoir dresses for real princesses! Collection "Angelica" is not the first collection in the life of Kseniia, but the first is in boudoir style. Kseniia studied at the St. Petersburg branch of the French fashion Institute "Mod'art“, had an internship in Paris, and graduated from the master's degree with honors" LSU. A. S. Pushkin "on specialties" designer clothing." He also has a diploma of successful completion of the school of design "DH School".

At the end of may, a grandiose private show took place in the castles of Tuscany, this collection was presented to the high society of Italy! Boudoir collection " Angelica "was created based on the eponymous film"Angelica-Marquise of angels". The main idea was to create not just a boudoir dress, but a dress worthy of the Queen, which carries the beauty, stateliness and fascinating delight! these dresses are the embodiment of femininity, sexuality and luxury!

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Suntseva Yuliya

Brand Rasena

Perm, Russia

I’m a designer and an owner of russian brand RasenA.

I’m a creator and a designer from childhood. First - dress for plastic dolls, now - different lines of clothes for woman and man. I have three high educations: PR, economy, MBA. I have graduated Fashion Factory, Moscow. I love history, art, nature and psychology. In my brand I inspire by Belle epoch and Slavic roots, contemporary technologies and arts. I like collaborate and have alliance with another designers and brands.

Now my brand RasenA produces 10th collection.

2015 - Designer of the year DOTY, Cyprus.

2016 - participant of Eye on Fashion, Milan, Italy.

2017 - participant and winner of Fil Rouge, Paris, France.

2017 - Designer of the year, Perm, Russia.

2018 - participant of Emerging Talents, Milan, Italy.

2018 - winner of Fashion Rouge, Paris, France.

2018 - participant of Mercedes Fahion Days, Perm, Russia.

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Arevik Arakelyan

Arevik Arakelyan, founder of Artuyt Artuyt was founded to make Armenian art known worldwide. We create scarves with Armenian artist’s paintings and collages. One scarf takes a full 2 months to complete, making it exquisitely crafted accessory. By the help of beautiful and unique scarves you will be given the chance to discover exquisite artifacts of the Armenian culture – beginning from the medieval times to the modern abstractionism.

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